Thursday, May 5, 2011

Exciting News to Share with You

I am so excited to share some good news with you.  I am a new Challenge Hostess at Christian Paper Crafts.  Every Thursday I'll be posting a Bible Verse Thursday Challenge on their website, their blog and on my blog here.  I'll share a scripture with you which will have a theme, and challenge you to make a project based on the theme/scripture.

I started memorizing scripture when I was 4 years old and haven’t stopped. I have God’s word hidden in my heart, but there is room for more. It’s a continual growing process and I’m always seeking His word to guide my life.    I would encourage you to take on the challenge each week of memorizing the scripture as well. In doing so, God’s word will always be with you no matter where you are, or what resources you have available to you.

For my very first challenge I have chosen a scripture that represents things that make me happy. I live on the coast of Maine, where winters are very long, and we yearn for spring to show. Most of you may be well into spring where you live, but for me, it’s just starting. This scripture also talks about singing, and as a pianist, singing and music are a huge part of my personal worship.

Flowers appear on the earth; 
the season of singing has come, 
the cooing of doves is heard in our land. 
Song of Solomon 2:12

Your challenge is to make a project that reflects this scripture, using sheet music, hymns, musical instruments, birds, flowers or other ideas that you may have that show praise to God. Don’t forget, I challenge you to memorize the scripture as well. With the card I made for this challenge, I chose to add an old time hymn Sunshine in the Soul. I thought this fit the theme of my card and scripture perfectly.

Here's my sample for this challenge, I call it Sunshine in My Soul.

My Sample for Bible Verse Thursday Challenge
You can find out more details on the Christian Paper Craft Blog as to how you can participate.  Here's the link:  Christian Paper Craft Blog

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you create.  Below are two different hymn images, free for you.  You can use them in this challenge, or any other project you're working on. Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a wonderful Thursday.

Free Hymn Image for you ~ Click for larger size

Free Hymn Image for You ~ Click for Larger Size

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  1. Hi Abby, I left a long post yesterday, but when I hit PUBLISH, I got an error *sigh*, so I'm giving it another try - I love your project! It is beautiful. This is such a wonderful idea and a great well to help with memorization. Thanks so much for the images, I'm so inspired right now....I'm gonna check out Christian Paper Crafts


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