Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scripture Thursday ~ The Depths of God's Love

For I am persuaded that neither death nor life,
nor angels nor principalities nor powers,
nor things present nor things to come
nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing,
shall be able to separate us
from the love of God
which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:38-39 (NKJV)

God IS love....He defines love....His nature is love...
His attributes are love.

God loves us so much that he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross and pay the penalty for our sinHis love is: 

personal.....never beginning or end....

He knows and loves YOU individually. 

In the year 1917, a man named Frederick M. Lehman wrote these words below that became a hymn.  Here is a portion of them.  You can find the full hymn, The Love of God **here**

Could we with ink the ocean fill,

And were the skies of parchment made,
Were every stalk on earth a quill,
And every man a scribe by trade,
To write the love of God above,
Would drain the ocean dry.
Nor could the scroll contain the whole,
Though stretched from sky to sky.

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Just think about the words in that hymn, a spectacular visual way to even begin to comprehend God's love. 
If you filled the oceans with ink and the skies were made of paper;
If every stalk on earth were a pen, and every person on earth a scribe
(one who copied documents before printing);

It is still not enough to contain the amount of God's love.

I told my grandsons this week, "I love you to the moon and back."  The older one replied:  "And I love you to the moon and back to the earth, and to the moon and back to the earth, and to the moon and back to the earth.... "

I'm sure you get the picture.  His younger brother said (not quite remembering all the words)  "and I love you to the moon, and to the moon, and to the moon."  A very tender moment for this Nana.  As much as we love our children and grandchildren, God loves us more than that.

Today, I had the privilege of spending time with a husband and wife, watching them loving their brand new baby, fresh from God.  They love him as much as their human hearts can possibly hold, yet God loves that little precious baby more than their two hearts combined.

So, just how much DOES God love us?

He knows the number of hairs on your head
But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

Luke 12:7 (NKJV)

He knows every tear you shed and stores them in a bottle
You number my wanderings;
Put my tears into Your bottle;
Are they not in Your book?

Psalm 56:8 (NKJV)

His thoughts toward you outnumber the grains of sand
How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!
How great is the sum of them!
If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand;
When I awake, I am still with You.

Psalm 139:17-18 (NKJV)

As Elisabeth Elliot says: 
Remember, you are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms!


  1. Beautiful post! That hymn was song often by a man in our church years ago. It brought back many sweet memories. It's a beautiful poem about there not being enough resources on earth to fully express the love of God. Basically in one word it's JESUS! Thanks for sharing and reminding! Blessings, Diane

  2. Love the verse in Romans 5 "God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us."
    Thanks Abby for such a "love"ly post! God bless you!

  3. Abby...thank you for the reassurance that I am loved with an everlasting an ever faithful God. Loved the quote shared. Thank you for the encouragement today.

  4. Wonderful post! I can never listen to this hymn being sung without the tears running. Your grandsons are so the moon and to the moon and to the it! We are loved and we need to hear it many times. If not, it's like being in a marriage where one spouse says to the other, "I've already told you that I love you." Thanks for the sweet reminder.

  5. Thank you so much for this. We are in the midst of a family crisis and I needed to hear this truth. Blessings to you.

  6. Thank You for the most wonderful devotion on God's love. You have a beautiful way with words--I enjoy your blog so much--a ministry to my heart and to my eyes. Thanks so much.

  7. LOVELY POST TODAY ABBY!!!!!!!! :) AND the hymn, I remember singing that as a child! :) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! :)

  8. Abby you Rock!! It's so great to have another Christian lady to look up to!!

  9. What a wonderful & uplifting post, Abby, and how true! This is one of my favorite hymns. It is good to try to fathom (although our feeble human minds fall short of the task) God's love. TFS!

  10. Thank you for such an encouraging post Abby! It is so humbling that the God of all things is interested in me. I love this hymn; thank you for the wonderful picture and quote!

  11. Thank you Abby - this is a great encouragement as I am tired - we are visiting family and I am helping by giving DD lots of help with the little ones, and I am not used to it!! Love it though.


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