Monday, March 11, 2013

This & That and some Freebies

The voice of God is always speaking to us,
and always trying to get our attention.
But His voice is a still, small voice,
and we must at least slow down in order to listen.

~ Eugenia Price ~


I'm happy to report that I'm a guest blogger today at THE ENCHANTING ROSE.  Stephanie has the most delightful blog and shares my love for God and vintage images.   You can click on the link above to view her blog and my guest post, or click on the image below. 

Below are some vintage Easter images free for you.  I hope you enjoy them.  Click on each image to access the largest size, right click and save to your computer. 

Blessings to you this day my friends.  Thanks for stopping to visit.  If you are receiving this in an email and would like to view it on my blog, you can click **here**.


  1. Abby, I made sure I visited and loved the poem! Thank you for sharing such a lovely item and for the Easter greetings (with forget me nots)! A keeper and very generous of you!
    Blessings, (is there any sign of Spring in your corner of the world?)

  2. I read your guest post at the Enchanting Rose, and enjoyed your words as always. Thank you also for the introduction to a sweet blog.

  3. I read your post on Stephanie's blog, such sweet images you have, how special to have some of your husbands grandmothers clippings and things that were special to her. I love all things vintage, so your images are fun to see

  4. Oh what fun! I'm off to read at Stephanie's...

  5. Abby...I loved your post over at the Enchanting Rose. The poem shared is precious. Thank you for the free graphics. As always they are beautiful. Have a blessed week friend.

  6. Congrats on your guest spot!! So excited that you are sharing God's love and His precious Word. To God be the glory! {hugs}

  7. Thanks for sharing another wonderful blog for us to follow. I really enjoyed your guest post. Thank you for sharing another round of beautiful vintage graphics as well!

  8. I loved your post at Enchanting Rose--especially reading about Violet's box. Beautiful Easter cards but the tiny one you sent me is still my favorite. I keep walking past where I tucked it in a Easter display. Such a treasure.

  9. I'm popping over from Stephanie's blog (I am guest hosting there today but forgot about it coming out today, lol!)

    I loved your sweet post about Violet! What a lovely name she has. I love what you said about "knowing" her through the character of your husband.

    The pictures on here are so pretty, thank you for sharing! :)

  10. These are just lovely! So nice of you to share them- I found you through "whatever you want Wednesdays" and stole the image with cats if you don't mind-:)
    Wishing you a Joyful Easter!


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