Monday, September 30, 2013

Free October Vintage Graphics

The month of September seemed to pass very quickly.  Here we are at the first of October and I have a fantastic free vintage postcard for you today. 

Here's another version of the October gal.  Perhaps you like this one better.

I had my 5 year old grandson in the car with me today and I was talking about the pretty foliage that we could see.  "Falliage?"  he asked, I explained the meaning of the word  foliage and that it was extra pretty in the Fall.  He thought it was a very funny word, as he repeated it about 20 times while he was laughing.   

Here's a photo I took of last year's "Falliage".

I hope the month of October is filled with blessings for you.  Thanks for visiting with me today.

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  1. I love it when young children say certain words. 'Falliage' sounds much better! When our son broke his arm he went to the 'hotispal' a few times...sounds much more fun! Autumn is a lovely time of year and where we live in France Halloween is hardly seen, no pumpkins with faces, no witches etc.So we can just enjoy the season! Our pumpkins didn't do anything this year but our squashes are nearly ready...yum!

  2. Oh I do enjoy kidspeak. It's so much fun when they make those kinds of connections that are perfectly sensible. Why not "falliage"? It's a wonderful word!

  3. NICE IMAGE ABBY!!! THANK YOU!!!! Kids make life FUN!!!! :) It's NICE to see them get tickled about something & hear their laughter!!!!!!!!:) THANKS for coming over to visit!!!!!!:)

  4. Beautiful pic, isn't it cute how some words just catch them as funny!

  5. Hi Abby! That is a tough word for a child to say, right? Way to go, Grandma, for increasing his word power!

    And you are giving him such an appreciation for the outdoors and the beauty there. That is priceless. Hopefully someday, he's make sure that world is protected.

    Happy Fall Season to you!

  6. Such a cute story with the word foliage! Made me smile a big grin. Thanks for the sweet october graphic!


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