Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Forget Me Nots ~ Steppingstone Poem


Think not that life has been unfair
and given you too much to bear.
For God has chosen you because
With all your weaknesses and flaws,
He feels that you are worthy of
The greatness of His wondrous love.
Welcome every stumbling block
and every thorn and jagged rock. 
For each one is a steppingstone
To a fuller life than we’ve ever known
and in the radiance of God’s smiles
We learn to soar about life’s trials
And as we grow in strength and grace
The clearer we can see God’s face.
Helen Steiner Rice

Isn't that a wonderful poem?  A good reminder that God has not forgotten us.  I added this poem to a beautiful page of Forget-Me-Nots for you.  

Here is the graphic in it's original form, copied from a book of poetry from the 1800's. 
Free Graphic from Vintage Book

Here's one more graphic for you today which is a blank page with forget-me-nots.  Add what you'd like.  Don't forget to click on each image for a larger size.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you've enjoyed today's poems and images. 


Cass said...

So beautiful Abby. Thank you for sharing.

Have a great day my friend!

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Love the poem - thank you.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I'll check back later. Thank you for the beautiful poem. Have a nice day! Twyla

debpaint16 said...

Beautiful!! I Love the poem!! Thank you, Abby!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thank you, Abby. They are beautiful! Hope you are enjoying your day. Twyla

Natalie said...

Abby, this is such a touching poem and so true. Your post is so encouraging, thank you for being a blessing!! {hugs}

Free Pretty Things For You said...

SO Beautiful Thank YOU!!!!

Alison Jane Hann said...

Abby, isn't that poem perfect for my circumstances? I love it and love you for posting it.

Cheers, Ali

Suzanne said...

AbbyI have nominated you for Irresistibly Sweet Award for your blog and all your crafty inspirations to myself and others. If you would like this award please check it out at
Thanks- Suzanne

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Thank you for these lovely images.
Huggies ~

Priscilla said...

I adore Forget-Me-Nots.Thank you so much!!

Narnt W said...

The downloads are quite lovely. Thank you so much for giving them to us. Narnt