Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Mother Who Prays

Prayer changes lives ~ If your mother is no longer with you and she prayed for you, it made a difference in your life. If you have children - adult or small, pray every day for them, you might be the only one who is.

Some have had kings in their lineage,
Some to whom honor was paid.
Not blest of my ancestors - but,
I have a mother who prays.

I have a mother who prays for me
And pleads with the Lord every day for me.
Oh what a difference it makes for me - 
I have a mother who prays.

Some have worldly success
And trust in riches they've made - 
This is my surest asset,
I have a mother who prays.

My mother's prayers cannot save me,
Only mine can avail;
But mother introduced me to Someone - 
Someone who never could fail.

Oh yes..I have a mother who prays for me
And pleads with the Lord every day for me.
O what a difference it makes for me - 
I have a mother who prays.
Author Unknown

Have a blessed day friends.

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  1. That is a dear poem and reminds me of the Abraham Lincoln quote that goes around at this time of year. While a mother's prayers can not stand in for our own, I know that when life is new and tender, young and growing, older and in need, a mother's prayers are precious and important. Thank you for the reminder to keep on praying!

  2. Thank you for this warm encouragement to be busy praying for our children everyday.
    The Lord bless you and keep you.

  3. Thank you, dearest Abby, for this precious poem. Your post was joy to my heart :)

    Also, your graphic is stunning! Blessings to you on Mother's Day. Love and hugs!

  4. Love this poem, shared it on FB.

  5. What a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it and Happy Mothers Day

  6. What a precious poem Abby, thank you for sharing it with us.
    Have a beautiful, blessed Mothers Day!

  7. What beautiful poem. Happy mother's day to you dear Abby. I know your children will call you blessed :).
    Love and hugs

  8. THANK YOU ABBY! ;) I'm "late," but HOPE you had a WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY! :)

  9. Hi, Abby,
    I am just stopping by to read a bit and to tell you a belated 'Happy Mother's Day'. You share such goodness here on your blog :) I pray for you often and hope your week is blessed, friend! Thank you for speaking out on the important things!~

  10. Happy Pink Saturday, Abby. I hope you had a good Mother's Day. Your post is just beautiful, and so true. We all need prayers.

    Thank you for joining us this weekend, and please come back often. I appreciate you making Pink Saturdays special.♥


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