Thursday, December 6, 2018

Advent Series ~ Day 7 ~ PRAYER

Be anxious for nothing,
but in everything by prayer
and supplication,
let your requests
be made known to God;
Philippians 4:6

George Muller: (1805 – 1898), a Christian evangelist and Director of the Ashley Down orphanage in Bristol, England, cared for over 10,000 orphans in his life. He was well known for providing an education to the children under his care.   He also established 117 schools which offered Christian education to over 120,000 children, many of them being orphans. He did this without asking for any money. God provided the needs. 
George was one of the greatest prayer warriors, history has known. His complete and total dependence on God was not for just for his own personal provisions, but for thousands of children he housed and educated over the years. 

God ALWAYS answers our prayers, it may not be as we want Him to, but remember he is ALL knowing, He knows what is best for us.

If God answers your prayer right away, be thankful; if it’s denied, be patient; if we are to wait, then wait with expectation as the scripture says. (Psalm 5:3)

Be assured, if you walk with Him 
and look to Him, 
and expect help from Him, 
He will never fail you.
~George Muller~

I found this prayer acronym among the notes of my husband’s dear grandmother:

P – Praise
R – Remembering
A – Asking
Y – Yielding
E – Expecting 
R – Receiving

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  1. Your blog has a mind of its own? Perhaps you need to use the little button gizmo at the top of your posting page that clears formatting?

    That was a treasure to find in Biil’s grandmother’s notes. What a blessing it is to be allowed and encouraged to talk with the God of the Universe. What can be much more incredible than that? Definitely, a favorite gift.

  2. A blessing as always Betsy, love the PRAYER acronym, a great thing is prayer, which we often neglect to our loss. The LORD Jesus ur example certainly never did.
    Lord bless, Shaz in Oz.x


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