Friday, March 25, 2011

Children are Special

I have a tender spot in my heart for children, and many of the vintage images I'm drawn to have children in them.  My absolute happiest life memories are of my daughter's childhood.   Here are some pictures of her when she was a little girl.  She turns 27 years old in May, and it seems hard to believe time has gone that fast.

I'm doubly blessed in my role as "nana" to her children, and my stepson's children.

Now, by no means do I consider myself aged, and if you're a young grandparent, you'll understand what I mean.   In Proverbs 17:6, grandchildren are referred to as a crown to us. Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.  Proverbs 17:6 (NIV)

The free vintage images I have for you today are of children (of course), they come from my stash of Victorian scrap.  I think they are so sweet and wanted to share them with you.  They probably were some on some form of advertisement but that has long been cut away.   If you'd like these, click on the image to enlarge, right click and save to your computer.

I'd like to close with a sweet poem about a little doll, I believe to be written in the 1800's.  I used to read this to my daughter.

My Little Doll
by Charles Kingsley (1862)

I once had a sweet little doll, dears,
The prettiest doll in the world;
Her cheeks were so red and so white, dears,
And her hair was so charmingly curled.
But I lost my poor little doll, dears,
As I played in the heath one day;
And I cried for more than a week, dears,
But I never could find where she lay.
I found my poor little doll, dears,
As I played in the heath one day:
Folks say she is terribly changed, dears,
For her paint is all washed away,
And her arms trodden off by the cows, dears
And her hair not the least bit curled:
Yet for old times sake she is still, dears,
The prettiest doll in the world.

Thanks for stopping by today dear ones.  Have a blessed weekend.


  1. Abby the pics of your daughter are so sweet! Wonderful vintage pics and poem! Thanks for sharing and YOU are a DEAR!!!

  2. Mom- I love that poem! You must have read it to me hundreds of times as a child. And to this day, I can recite it! I have many great memories of the past 27 years, thanks to you!

  3. Such gorgeous images you have given us!!! And the photos of your daughter are so beautiful ~ isn't it amazing how the time flies by us?? I still can't believe I have a 28, 26, 24, 20 and 13 year old sons ~ seems like yesterday they were all under ten years old. And our grandbabies? They truly are such blessings ~ hugs and love, Dawn


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