Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Longing for Spring ~ Free Vintage Postcard

Maine has LONG winters.  This winter has seemed particularly long with lots of snow, cold temperatures and ice.  First snowfalls are so pretty, especially in the morning when the sun is glistening on untouched snow transforming it into millions of diamonds on the ground.  

We had lots of snow piled up around our home this winter that had long lost it's diamond appeal.  Rain melted it, and the rain turned to ice.  Oh, how I longed for spring to come.  Well, all of our snow had melted as of yesterday with the exception of a tiny pile here or there.  I saw buds on the trees, and robins covering my lawn looking for food.  Could it be true that spring was on the horizon?  And then it snowed...  

I watched the little robins outside in the snow still looking for their food, but I knew that God had promised to take care of them.  I woke up to more snow, but I know it will be gone soon.  And he changeth the times and the seasons.  Daniel 2:21.  

This free vintage postcard that I have for you today SO reminds me of spring.  I just love the tiny gentle forget-me-nots and the cheery boy presenting them.  You can click on the image for a larger view.  

Thanks for stopping by today dear ones, and many happy returns of the day for you.


  1. Hi there! How are you? Thank you for sharing this adorable photo. I love the blue flowers. I'm excited spring is on the way, not the pollen and sneezing but the weather...ahhh love it!

    Have a great day!

  2. Spring is so close!! I can tell by my flowering cherry tree, it's beginning to blossom!


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