Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Love so Amazing

I remember reading a true story about a little boy, 5 years old, who was asked to give his blood so his sister could live. When the doctor explained it to him and asked if he was willing to do this, he hesitated for a moment and said, "Yes, I'll do it if it will save Liza". As the process began, he laid down in the hospital, his sister in a bed beside him. Quietly he asked if he would start to die right away. You see....he mistakenly thought he was going to have to give her ALL his blood. It brings tears to my eyes to think of this again, a little boy only on earth for 5 years, loved his sister SO much, he was willing to lay down his life to save hers. 

God loves us that much and more.
He knows the numbers of hairs on our head (Luke 12:7),
He knows every tear we shed (Psalm 56:8)
His thoughts toward us outnumber the grains of sand (Psalm 139:17-18)

God IS love....

He defines love....
His nature is love...
His attributes are love.
His love is:  

never changing.....
no beginning or end....

He knows and loves YOU individually.  

God loves us so much that he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross and pay the penalty for our sin. (John 3:16-17). Believing this and putting and trust and hope in Jesus will save us.
J. Wilbur Chapman wrote the hymn "One Day", the chorus sums up the Gospel message well.

Living, He loved me; dying, He saved me;
Buried, He carried my sins far away;
Rising, He justified freely forever;
One day He’s coming—O glorious day!

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As Elisabeth Elliot said when she closed her radio program each day:  Remember, you are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms! 

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  1. Beautiful story, thank you for sharing.

  2. I remember that story about the little boy! Such a sweet one. Beautiful post, and I love the graphics!

  3. I love this story.
    And your new picture is stunning.

  4. Wow! Fifty thousand. Think of that.

    I always have loved the story of the little boy who believe that he was laying his life down. I have no idea if it is true, but it is powerful.

    Love your new profile picture!

  5. What a sweet story, and your graphics are so pretty! Thank you so very much for sharing!


    1. Aww, thanks dear Ellen. So glad you enjoyed it.

    2. Happy Valentine's Day! Again, thanks for this post. It was a great inspiration for today's "musing" on my blog ;-). (I posted my weekly story a day early, LOL)

  6. Thank you for the beautiful verses and graphics

    1. You're very welcome Heather. I'm so happy you can enjoy them.

  7. Thank you Abby for your freebies, they are beautiful. Thank you too for your thoughts on love - God is teaching me to Trust Him more and more, which is an outworking of love... interesting times :)

  8. The everlasting arms, I think of that and under his wings too.


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