Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Advent Series 25 Days of God Given Gifts

Hello dear friends. I have been absent from blogging for some time now as you may or may not know. There were a lot of requests for me to bring back the 25 Days of God Given Gifts Advent series. I have been posting it daily on facebook and Instagram but not on the blog.

This post will give you a link to each of the days if you want to go in individually and read the devotions. Additionally, you'll find two links below which will take you to free printables that go along with this series.


Two FREE printables that go with this series. You can find download links here:

These images are free for personal use, ministry use, or for gifting. Not to be sold. If you share the images on your blog, a link back would be appreciated. Please do not copy my entire posts to your blog. Thank you. 

I will be posting this until Christmas on facebook and Instagram. You can find those links below. 

Little Birdie Blessings - FACEBOOK

Little Birdie Blessings INSTAGRAM

I wrote my very first blog post here in September of 2010. So much has changed with me personally in that time. I'm older (true story), have enough grandchildren now to start my own sports team, I help my aging mother, and try to spend as much time as I can with family and friends.

Thank you for following this series, for all your comments, notes, messages, likes, shares, etc. You are appreciated and prayed for. If you're happy to see this post here at Little Birdie Blessings, you can thank my dear friend Vee, who blogs at A HAVEN FOR VEE 
(click on link to go visit her blog). We've been friends for many years and met through our blogs. Since we live in the same state, we've had opportunity to meet on numerous occasions. One of them being yesterday. Vee is standing in the need of prayer as she has cancer. I'd so appreciate it if you'd say a prayer for her. Thank you.

I hope and pray you have a blessed Christmas and remember Jesus is the reason for the season. 


  1. Yay! I've missed reading your posts. ❤ The new blog header is so pretty, BTW!
    Praying for your sweet friend!!

  2. Oh it is so nice to find you home! This series has been the blessing that keeps on giving. I think I told you that I just found my set and I am placing it in a basket by my chair for reading. Thank you for the mention, Abby. My blog is slowly fading away, which is okay since I do not have anything compelling to share such as the good and godly things you share here with your beautiful graphics. Hope to see you here soon... soonish... maybe... no pressure!

  3. I enjoy seeing your posts on IG! I don't visit too many blogs anymore, even though all my children are now grown and out of the house. Life just seems to keep me busy. :)

    Happy Christmas, Abby!!!

  4. Oh Abby, it is wonderful to see you here again - so sorry to hear Vee has cancer - I will pray

  5. I'm so glad to see you at your blog! You were one of my first blog friends, as I started my blog a few months after yours I think. Blogging has chanaged a lot, but I want to get back to commenting, etc. like in the "old" days!


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