Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Her Name was Violet

These dear sweet images that I'm offering today belonged to my husband's grandmother.  Her name was Violet and although I never met her, she raised my husband.  She instilled her faith, character and values in him, and he is the man he is today because of her.  He talks about her fondly, and has many stories about her and his grandfather that he's shared over the years.  She was a Godly woman, so it's not surprising there would be some pretty scripture amongst her cards. 

Free Vintage Scripture Image for You
How sweet is this next image, a dog with a basket of roses.  

Free Victorian Image of Dog with Roses
This next image is a Victorian advertising card, which is advertising chocolate.  I have given you two additional images from the original image.  A blank for you, and on the last one, I've added scripture.  I hope you enjoy them.  don't forget to click on each image to make it larger before you save it.

Do you have books on your shelf that you just can't part with even though you don't get them out that often.  This little book is one of those for me.  The Sweet Nellie Book of Thoughts, Sentiments... With Thanks & Appreciation ...... Tokens & Traditions from the Past by Pat Ross.


It is filled with information from days gone by, such as etiquette, poems, verses, etc.  Here's an excerpt from the book:

The thoughts contained in a letter, the kind, unselfish, pretty thoughts of friendship, remain forever in the heart and mind of the person for whom it was intended. Book of Etiquette,Lillian Eichler, 1922.

Have a blessed day dear ones.  Thank you for stopping by and visiting today.  Your comments make me happy, so feel free to drop me a note.


Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Violet sounds like a wonderful lady - and I love her name! I have a folder on my desktop of scripture images and this one is going in! thank you

Al said...

Violet is such a beautiful name. These images are very nice. I had a black labrador that looked just like this, I'm so happy to see this adorable piece of art. Thanks.