Friday, May 20, 2011

Inspire with Courage - Spirit - or Hope

But encourage one another daily, 
as long as it is called “Today,” 
so that none of you may be 
hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. 

Hebrews 3:13

Encourage ~ according to Webster's dictionary, it means to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope.  I am encouraged every day when I visit some of your blogs.  There are more blogs available to us online than we'd have time to visit in a lifetime, but some really speak to us and beg us to stop and spend some time.  We share ideas, pleasant thoughts, something we've made, something we're proud of.  We share our faith, prayers, talents, and family.  In doing so, we're encouraging one another without even realizing it.  

There are many blogs with over 500 followers and you would think, that number alone would be an encouragement to the blog owner.  The most encouragement comes when the time is taken to leave a comment, to let them know if a particular post was meaningful to them.  This post isn't about me trying to get comments, it's about us as a group of bloggers reaching out by leaving a pleasant word to someone who has encouraged you.  Our words of encouragement can be far reaching, beyond the scope of our comprehension.  

Here are some free postcard images for you today.  I have seen just about every possible relative mentioned on this type of postcard.  I've even seen "To My Dear Pet".  Here are a Sister, Mother and Father postcard image, free for you today.  Don't forget to click on each image for a larger size.

Free Vintage Postcard ~ Sister

Free Vintage Postcard ~ Mother

Free Vintage Postcard ~ Father

 Have a blessed day dear ones.


Al said...

These are beautiful cards! I actually printed out your "Mother" card when you first posted it. I made up a card using that image for my Mom. She absolutely adored it :) Thanks for always being so sweet to share these gorgeous vintage treats. And, as the winner of your giveaway recently, I just love, love, love my beautiful Victorian note cards that you sent my way! Have a wonderful weekend. -Al
P.S. I agree, it means a lot when someone takes the time to leave a note at your blog.

Suzanne said...

Love what you wrote about posting comments, etc. I so agree. I will have a big announcement on my blog today. Not sure when have to wait on someone else to post. But let me tell you I am beyond excited. Have a blessed day.

debpaint16 said...

Thank you for the beautiful postcards you shared with us today!! It's so appropriate as my Sister has a Birthday coming up, so will happily use that PC as the front of her card,,,,Thank you!! Your images & generosity is Amazing, again Thanks!! Debbie

GCgirl said...

What a wonderful post. This scripture really highlights a strong point...that without Godly encouragement our hearts can become hard. I appreciate your kind and gentle spirit in all your writings. Thank you for being an encourager in the faith :0)

Traci S. said...

Hi Abby,

Thank you for the beautiful postcards! My Sisters birthday is next week. It is so beautiful!

I am glad there are so many encouraging blogs are out there. I sometimes do get "caught"up in looking at the number of guests we have had visit. I realize that there are plenty of Christian blogs out there, and plenty of people that need to hear the messages. There is no need to compete. We all offer different alternatives, and have different ways of sharing about Him. What a great way to share the Great Commission! Praise God! He must have known what a big part computers would play in sharing the Gospels, and discipleship! OF course, it is a wonderful way to encourage each other!

Abby, thank you for being such an amazing encourager on the blog and off!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Bonita said...

What beautiful postcards!

I wholeheartedly agree with what you've written in this post. Comments are such a simple, yet wonderful, way to encourage others. It takes so little time to bring so much joy!

I'm thankful that blogging is a part of my life because of the beautiful people I've met via blogs, comments, etc... It does the heart good!