Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet Birds and Lovely Flowers

All day long the birds are singing
Sweetest songs that seem to rise
From their tiny throats far-reaching,
Even to the distant skies.

Then at night they rest securely,
Nestled close within their nest,
And the Father safely watches
Every little feathered breast.

Likewise we when night approaches,
Lay our weary heads to rest,
For we know that God will watch us
as He does the bird's wee nest.
Josephine Currier

I found this sweet poem in a book titled Beneath His Wings ~ Abiding in God's Comfort and Love.  Filled with wonderful paintings of birds by Carolyn Shores Wright, along with snippets of scripture, poetry and quotes.  It makes a wonderful gift for those who need some encouragement.  I've given numerous of these to others, and my mother has as well.  

The first bird image in this post comes from my collection of Victorian paper.  I think the bird looks very confident and regal.  Here are a couple more bird images which I've shared at other times here on my blog. 

I visited my friend Sue yesterday along with my daughter and her boys.  Here are a few pictures from our visit.  I just love this first one of my grandsons running through a meadow, no particular place to go, just carefree.  The little one following his big brother confidently.

Sue has the most beautiful flowers, here are her Bleeding Hearts and Clementis.  I love to get right on top of the flower with my camera and see the details.  The petals are so soft, and appear as velvet.   It amazes me, the details in each different flower that God created for our pleasure. 

I am linking this post up to Whatever you Want Wednesday at Free Pretty Things for You.   Have a blessed day dear ones.


Shore Girl said...

Love the pic of your grandsons too -- so cute!
Wanted you to know I featured your blog on my "Walk Around Blog Land" today!

Toucan Scraps said...


Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Thank you for the beautiful birdie images! I also have that lovely book.....given to me by a dear friend in 2000. I love those sweet little birdies in the book. They are so endearing.
Thank you again.
Huggies ~

LDH said...


Stopping by for the first time and have to say what a lovely, God honoring blog you have here. I have perused a few of your posts and loved each one. A joy visiting!

Kindly, Lorraine

GCgirl said...

This is a beautiful post from top to bottom! You are a very talented photographer...I wish I lived closer and you could give me lessons!