Saturday, September 10, 2011

Having Fun with Pinterest & Freebies for You

Commit thy works unto the LORD,
and thy thoughts shall be established.
Proverbs 16:3

Happy Saturday to you my friends.  Do you remember I mentioned the other day I was working on something exciting?  Well, I have joined Pinterest.  If you haven't heard of it, it's an online community of virtual bulletin boards.  Once a member, you can name your own boards and add "pins" to it of your favorite things.  The images link back to the original source.  This is great for me because as a visual person, I can easily process what I'm looking at and don't have to hunt through hundreds of bookmarked online sites.  It essentially replaces many of my online bookmarks.

Pinterest is by invitation and you need either a facebook or twitter account to join.  You can ask Pinterest for an invitation or ask someone who is already a member, for an invite.  You can email me with your email address and I'll send you an invite.  I do believe there is a bit of a wait, so don't be discouraged if you don't hear right away.

The feature I like best is a "pin it" button that you can add to your toolbar.  Anywhere you are online, as long as there is an image to grab, you can "pin it" from that site, without opening pinterest.  You can easily re-pin from other boards, or "like" something. 

Okay... enough chatter.  Here's my link to Pinterest, If you like what you see and are a member, feel free to follow me. The more the merrier.

Would love to hear what you think of it.  I'm really loving it.  There's also a button on my sidebar that will link you to me on pinterest.

Got an iPhone, there's an app for that Pinterest Goodies.  I'm thinking this will work on my ipod touch, but haven't tried it yet.

Go here for more info:  About Pinterest

I have some freebies to share with you today ~ some postcard backs and backs of old photos.  Enjoy!

I hope you all have a delightful weekend.  Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Well, Abby - I am glad you have braved the world of Pinterest. I have my invitation sitting in my e-mail box, but haven't done anything with it - Not the least reason of which is that now I'm back to school, I have precious little time to myself. I'm either at school in a building all day - or home recuperating from the experience! A very stressful year, this!

    As to Pinterest - I don't know how it works - this pinning. The info prior to joining doesn't give me adequate details and I'm fearful to join and then not "get" how to use it best. You have some great hints - could I use it to "pin" all the sites for my bill paying? My bookmarks are messed up since I switched to Mozilla. I love the visuals, too. Is it user friendly - really?

    Joy to you!

  2. Oh I love the world of Pinterest! Best idea since sliced bread! LOL Love it & now I can find all of those tutorials & cards & images I drool over but have to hunt & hunt to find again.

    I'm following you & thanks for following me.

    Huggies & Sweet Blessings ~

  3. My daughter was just telling me this weekend that I MUST join pinterest. I sent a request and am still waiting. This is gonna be great once I get started.


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