Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Fall Images and More Pinterest Tips

Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble, 
and he bringeth them out of their distresses.
 He maketh the storm a calm, 
so that the waves thereof are still.
Psalm 107:28-29 (KJV)

I found that I could add a searchable box to my blog for an online Bible through  There are lots of resources there, most importantly the Bible.  I like using it when I know part of a verse but can't remember the reference, or when I'm looking for verses that have a particular word.  It's also a good resource when you want to copy/paste verses into a Word document.  Click on the image below, to get to their site so you can grab the code to add to your blog or website. 

Click the above box for the code to add to your blog or website

Would you like to see if you've been pinned?  Put this site into your url

and replace my blog name (highlighted area) with your site.  

Here's another tip:

When you see a profile picture like mine below (not that I'm thrilled to be using my face here) but take a look at the three light colored buttons on the bottom of the box.

  • Clicking the first box with the globe, will take you to the website or blog of the user.  
  • The middle box with the T is if you want to tweet the pin (I haven't jumped into tweeting yet)
  • By clicking the third box, it will show you the latest pins of the person you're viewing.  

How about some free fall vintage postcard images. I love the first one, the corn... something so robust about it.  Click on each image to make it larger before saving to your computer. 

This next vintage postcard is just as sweet as it can be.

Who doesn't enjoy some apple cider this time of year, here's a label for you.

The last image today isn't actually a fall image, but the colors reminded me of fall.  
Here's a lovely yellow rose. for you.

I hope you've enjoyed today's free images, pinterest tips and the info about adding a Bible search box to your site.

Some of you may remember me asking prayer for my friend's son Luke.  He is 30 years old and has brain cancer.  He has had surgery to remove the tumor, but they were not able to remove all of it.  He has finished a course of radiation and is still undergoing chemotherapy.  
In Darlene's wordsWords cannot express how touched I am with your thoughtfulness and prayers.  Luke, so far, is tolerating the chemo and radiation quite well.  He is getting a bit tired and is starting to lose his hair.  His attitude is pretty good - although I know he is scared and worried.  I have given my son over to the Lord, but at times I want to take him back again.  I have to remember that my precious Lord allowed this to happen and He knows what is ahead and what is best.  Please continue to pray for us, Luke's salvation and the Lord willing, that his life be spared.  ~ Love Darlene.  

Thank you my friends for your prayers for Luke.  Darlene will see your comments, so feel free to leave a note here for her.  She's greatly encouraged, and Luke is as well, to know that others are praying for him.  



    1. Abby -- thanks for the pinterest tips and for the free vintage images. I especially like the corn one!

    2. Hi Abby. As always, thank you for the images. I added them to my collection. The yellow rose is beautiful!

      Darlene, my family and I will be praying that your son will realize his need for the Lord and also for his health, as well as for you as you go through this valley.

    3. Thank you so much for the pinterest tips, Bible search box( I need all the help I can get!) and great fall images and pretty rose! I am praying for Luke and his mother, Darlene, That the Lord will bring them out of their distress, as the Psalms promise! I look for your new verses, and think on them all the day! Be blessed! Linda

    4. I love your blog and have give you an award!

      I've awared you the Versatile Blogger Award! Grab the button off my site to display in your site.

      You may award others if you choose by choosing 15 blogs you love and sharing 7 things about yourself. Oh, and don't forget to link back to me!

      Bless you & congrats!
      Gina at A Cherished Keeper

    5. Thanks for the nice tips & tutorials! Your vintage graphics are absolutely beautiful! Cheers, Sü

    6. this is so cool! I checked and had no idea about some of the pins..

      Continuing prayers for heart goes out to them.


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