Sunday, November 13, 2011

Free Vintage Christmas Postcards of Children

Hello my friends.  After helping with a Ladies Christmas Paper Craft day on Saturday, I'm really geared up for Christmas.  So... have to share some vintage Christmas postcards with you to get you in the Christmas spirit as well.  This is the year I'm starting early (really!!) so the closer I get to Christmas the more I'll be able to enjoy the festivities.  

I hope you all will have a pleasant day.  Please remember to pray for people you know that are suffering from illness, loss of a loved one, and other hardships.  There are so many that need our prayers, I feel particularly burdened for a number of different friends at this time.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Al said...

These images are adorable! I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. Sending up prayers and good wishes to all.
P.S. Love the new blog design :)

Mrs. Smith said...

Lovely postcards! Hope you had a fun day yesterday--it sounds like so much fun!

Angela said...

these are favorite is the little boy with the snowman. thanks for sharing these beauties :)

This Art That Heals said...

So pretty Abby, thank you for sharing. I love Lila's. I am not quite ready for Christmas, I want to get through Thanksgiving. I was in Target today looking for some Thanksgiving decorations and there are none. I was sad to see that.
I will have to make my own and quick too.

Have a great day!

Jan Marie said...

Thanks for these adorable images, Abby. You are such a blessing and an encouragement. . .Hugs!

Jan Marie said...

Thanks, Abby! What a blessing the Lord provided in His gift of you, sweet sister! I wanted to surprise you and I'd never posted the card on my blog so thought it would be a good time and also to help promote your scripture challenge! Lord bless!