Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Free Vintage Graphics of Children

There is only one place and only one Friend
Who is never too busy, and you can always depend
On Him to be waiting, with arms open wide,
To hear all the troubles, you came to confide.
For the heavenly Father will always be there
When you seek Him and find Him at the altar of prayer.
~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

Hello my friends.  I have dug into my archives today and found some vintage real photo postcards of children for you.  This first one is somewhat unusual as it seems to be a candid shot which wasn't seen that often in it's day.  The little girl seems dirty and probably her family was very poor.  If one was going to have their picture taken, their finest clothes were put on.  However, I'm sure she was loved or her family wouldn't have gone to the trouble of having her picture taken.  Isn't she just the sweetest?

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Here are a couple more for you today.  I just love these old real photo postcards of children.  The ones here today are from my collection.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Photos in this post are free for personal use, sharing
or light commercial use

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  


  1. Such SWEET pictures Abby! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Such serious little faces Abby! I have a few photos from my grandparents as children which reminded me of these.
    Thank you for sharing and blessings to you and yours,

  3. Thank you Abby - these are so sweet - and typical of their day.

  4. I love that Helen Steiner Rice poem. It's a favorite of mine. Blessings and hugs!!!

  5. Hi, Abby!! Haven't been by in awhile. Too busy this summer. Such sweet images, Thanks!! I love your Courage word art and post.


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