Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Poem & Free Hydrangeas

Adversity can Distress Us or Bless Us
by Helen Steiner Rice

The way we use adversity is strictly our own choice,
For in God's hands, adversity can make the heart rejoice,
For everything God sends to us, no matter in what form,
Is sent with plan and purpose; for by the fierceness of a storm.

free hydrangeas ~ click for larger size ~ save to computer

The atmosphere is changed and cleared, and the earth is washed and clean,
And the high winds of adversity can make restless souls serene.
And while it's very difficult for mankind to understand
God's intentions and His purpose and the workings of His hand,

free white hydrangeas background ~ click for larger size

If we observe the miracles that happen every day,
We cannot help but be convinced that in His wondrous way,
God makes what seemed unbearable and painful and distressing
Easily acceptable when we view it as a blessing.

May you find encouragement within the words of this poem by Helen Steiner Rice.  The hydrangea photos are free for you.  Enjoy!


  1. wow, what an encouraging poem. Thank you for this!! What beautiful words!!

  2. Thank you for the pretty hydrangeas and reminders of His plans and purpose for us which we sometimes cannot see, but we know He great promises that there is always good comes out of bad things for those who trust and believe in Him! Thank you!

  3. Awww, she may be overlooked as a great poet, but she certainly had some profound thoughts delivered in the sweetness of poetry light. Truth is powerful!

  4. Beautiful poem and images...Hydrangeas are one of my most favorite flowers. May the Lord grant us growing grace and wisdom to glorify HIM in our times of trial.

  5. Thank you Abby for this beauty - both visual and the words.

  6. Beautiful and encouraging poem! I actually live in rue des Hortensias...Hydrangea Road! So I shall be reminded of God's ways aand be thankful! TFS!

  7. Lovely, Abby! As long as we remember He is with us throughout the storms, we will be alright!
    Chilly here on the island today and looking forward to light the stove...and maybe bake to keep the kitchen warm!
    Blessings to you and yours,


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