Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful For Our Needs

Compliments of The Feathered Nest

What to Pray For
I asked for bread and got a stone;
I used the stone to grind the grain
That made the flour to form the bread
That I could not obtain.

Instead of asking Him to give
The things for which we pray,
All that we need to ask from God
Is this: show us the way.

~ James A. Bowman ~

Count your blessings, they ARE there ~ some days you just have to look harder for them. 

Blessings to you dear friends.


  1. that is just the sweetest image and great poem, we are allowed to use the image?

  2. The blessings are definitely around us! Thanks for the reminder, Abby! God bless.

  3. Thank you for this post and lovely image. Very timely for me. Blessings. Amy

  4. Love that wee poem Abby - thanks for sharing.

  5. Sweet post, thanks for sharing ;) Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Lovely image and poem.
    I have used a image from you on my card.
    Thanks again.
    Gr Elly

  7. What a wonderful poem Abby--thank you for sharing it and for reminding me to look for the blessings, even when it's more difficult. Good words for me today.

  8. Here I am just catching up Abby! Love the 'new' banner and this Thanksgiving feature is lovely!
    Must update your button, apologies!!
    Have a blessed Holiday Season Dear!

  9. I love this poem, Abby! Blessings in disguise...such a sweet picture too. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'm thankful for you! :)

  10. Wonderful poem Abby! Thank you for sharing that. I've shared it with a dear friend of mine who is struggling so much with life circumstances right now.
    Trying to keep looking up!

  11. Beautiful poem, sweet Abby. We certainly have MUCH to be thankful for! Love and hugs to you!

  12. Hi Abby! Just dropping by amid Thanksgiving cooking to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! And to thank you for your blog-friendship over the last few months.
    I really appreciate your support and visits, and I hope we will continue to be connected!


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