Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Hymn ~ Our Day of Joy

Our day of joy is here again,
With love and peace and song;
Come, let us join th’angelic strain
With voices clear and strong.

Glory to our God, we sing,
Glory to our Lord and king;
Peace, goodwill with all abide
This holy Christmas tide.

When darkness lay upon this earth,
A glorious light did shine,
God sent a Gift of priceless worth
And showed His love divine.
~ Andrew Skoog 1892 ~

More info on this hymn can be found here:  Our Day of Joy is Here Again


Sharon said...

Good morning Abby :)

This was just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Have a very Blessed Christmas!


Maxine D said...

Beautiful words Abby - thanks for sharing this.

Vee said...

New to me! I always enjoy learning more about the new to me hymns and carols.

GCgirl said...

Beautiful prose!

Conniecrafter said...

Great words, would make a good Christmas greeting for a card!