Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sharing Gifts

When people take the time and care
to make the presents they give,
they put into the gifts not only the materials needed,
but also a part of themselves.

~ Tasha Tudor ~
Dainty detailed pincushion made for me by Vee

Do you make things?  Do you like to give?  My sister Elizabeth makes beautiful quilts and gives them as gifts. My sister Debbie makes elaborate doll clothes and dresses for her granddaughter.  My mother I'm sure has lost count of all the dresses she made for us over the years.  My daughter Bethany makes beautiful bird's nest pendants to give as gifts.  My step-daughter Erin is a designer and recently has been making stuffed animals to give to all the new babies in our family.  

I enjoy sewing and other forms of crafting.  I take great pleasure in giving away the things I make.  I recently received handmade gifts from some blogging friends and would like to share them with you.
My friend Vee who blogs at A Haven for Vee (currently on a blogging vacation), made the delightful blue pincushion for me, shown above.  I love the tiny star doily (handmade by her), and the little teacup button in the middle.  She also made the lovely tea towels, shown below.  If you look closely, the tan towel has a row of various fabrics sewn together to make a strip.  I say delightful!!!  Thank you dear Vee.  I appreciate your friendship and your thoughtful gifts.  

If you'd like to peek at a gift I sent Vee, you can check it out **here**
Vee has various sewing posts and tutorials on her blog.  You can find them **here**.   Vee is on a blogging vacation, I do miss her and hope she comes back soon (no pressure Vee, enjoy your rest).

The Enchanting Rose

My blogging friend Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose, made me these delightful pillows shown above.  I love all the details, especially the bird's wing which was up-cycled from a doily.  If you'd like to see how she made them, you can visit Stephanie **here**.  Stephanie has a lot of sewing tutorials on her blog as well.  Thank you sweet Stephanie.

Both of these dear ladies have a gift for not only sewing, but putting their heart into the gifts they are making.  They are also gifted with putting fabrics and accessories together, making the perfect project in a type of collage format.

If you sew, knit, crochet, bake, paint ... whatever it is you do, we each have our own unique style.  Never be afraid to give something you've made to another for fear of it not being good enough.

Altered Art Plate by Melissa @ Piney Rose Designs

The vintage altered art plate, shown above was made for me by my friend Melissa at Piney Rose Designs.  I just love all the little details she put into it.  The lace trim, music background, roses, scripture, and the beautiful woman.  One of Melissa's projects was recently featured at The Graphics Fairy.  You can find it **here**.  Thank you Melissa and congratulations on being featured so prominently.  

The photo above is the view of our church from my sewing room.  I think it's a delightful view and I feel very blessed to have such a lovely space.  More on that later.  

Happiness doesn't result from what we get,
but from what we give. 
Dr. Ben Carson

Thank you ladies for your generosity.  It warms my heart.  Blessings to all of you on this September weekend.


  1. Happy Saturday, sweet friend! The gifts you received are so beautiful and made with such love.

    Vee is so talented with her sewing and I love her tea towels. The layers of fabric really add a pretty touch.

    And the art plate from Melissa is amazing! I think I gasped when I saw it because it's so lovely!

    Wonderful gifts for a precious lady. Love to you!

  2. Abby, you have perfect timing for this post.
    Last night I went to a meeting with a special speaker, who visits here from time to time.
    During worship I started a drawing, which I work on throughout the service.
    This morning I felt the Lord wanted me to go again tonight and give my drawing to the special speaker.
    I have been battling with the "it's not good enough" syndrome. Your post gives me that extra oomph I need to go ahead and give my drawing. The receiver will see the work and love that went into it; not the flaws.
    Thank you, Dear Heart. You blessed at least two people today.

  3. How lovely to receive handmade gifts - they are the very best kind. Vee's tea towels are gorgeous, as are the other projects.
    Have a wonderful Saturday!

  4. Such LOVELY GIFTS Abby, those you received & those you gave! I DO LOVE to give away things I make! It is SUCH A JOY! BLESSINGS TO YOU!!! :)

  5. I'm a new visitor to your blog. I think I found you through Stephanie's blog. Your gifts are so beautiful, esp as they came from special friends. Handmade gifts are the best! Nice to meet you, I'll be back!

  6. What beautiful gifts - and I love the way you have endorsed the creativity of each person and encouraged us to express our unique giftings.

  7. I so enjoyed seeing the gifts made for you, Abby! And I am loving the view of the church from your sewing room.

  8. Abby that is a awesome view from your window.


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