Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful for the Blessings

One of the definitions of blessings is defined as: 

A favor or gift bestowed by God, thereby bringing happiness

Our natural tendency is to focus on our problems and how to solve them rather than focusing on the blessings and giving God our problems to solve.  I have tried to do just that, to shift my focus away from my problems and give thanks and praise to God for my blessings.

We’re told in Psalm 68:19 that God LOADS us DAILY with benefits.

I am all about looking for blessings every day and encouraging others to do the same. It wasn’t always like that for me but life has a way of giving us choices to make. We can let our troubles overcome US or we can choose to overcome THEM.

Life is not easy and problems face us every day
our health

It’s often out of those struggles we find our greatest blessings.

Christian songwriter, Laura Story wrote the song “Blessings” during her husband’s treatment for brain cancer.  She sings “what if trials of this life, are your mercies in disguise”.  

Parapalegic and author Joni Eareckson Tada says: 

To give thanks is not the same as “feeling thankful.” To give thanks in the midst of pain and problems is to take a step of faith based on the command of
1 Thessalonians 5:18: God tells us to give thanks in all circumstances (not just those we can handle or feel on top of). For what things can you give thanks, even while you’re hurting? 

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,
in everything give thanks;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

As we approach this Christmas season and our lives are filled with hustle and bustle.  Let's slow down long enough to see the blessings God has given us each day.  Write them down….they are there for you to enjoy.  Train yourself to have a spirit of gratitude by acknowledging God’s abundant blessings in all circumstances. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


  1. I have been reading here for some time without commenting but just wanted to let you know I really appreciated the Joni Eareckson Tada quote. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful blog post today! Thank you for the encouragement you always share on your blog! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Lovely post about the importance of being thankful. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Teresa

  4. Such a beautiful post, my dear Abby, and a wonderful reminder to see God's blessings in everything!

    I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I count you among my blessings, sweet friend. I hope you are well.

    Much love!

  5. Abby your message resonates the truth of the scriptures - and yes, it takes an effort sometimes to be thankful in all circumstances, but oh the blessing when we choose to do so.
    Blessings to you too

  6. An excellent lesson...One many of to learn again and again. I have always loved Laura Story's song. Must go find it on You Tube.

  7. Oh how true, we face trails and troubles each and every day.
    We are in some of those today and I try to see the blessing in
    them and praise God for He is in control of it all, even though
    we try to be. Praise His Faithfulness!
    Have a blessed weekend,Abby!



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