Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Glad Birthday - 52 Things I've Learned

Fifty-two years ago I was born. Two years ago on my big birthday, I shared 50 things I'd learned over the years. Keeping with this new tradition, here’s the list with 52 items. I’m certainly not perfect, but as I age, the things on this list are somewhat easier to accomplish or try to accomplish. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Less is more, keep it simple
2. Teach children Bible verses at a young age
3. Sometimes it's better to listen than to speak
4. Apologize when appropriate, Forgiveness is mandatory
5. Don't speak when angry
6. The gas gauge in my car is there for a reason
7. Things don't matter, people do
8. Appreciate every day
9. Have peace, and rest in the promise that God is in control
10. Look for the blessings each day has to offer
11. Be a good mother-in-law
12. Respect my husband
13. Giving is better than receiving
14. Don't panic
15. Help if I see a need and am able to fulfill it
16. Teach children to be respectful
17. Be kind
18. Read my Bible every day
19. Pray before I make decisions
20. Children are people too, be respectful of their feelings
21. Send real mail more often
22. Don't be judgmental
23. Take children to Sunday School & Church as young as possible
24. Compliment others
25. Don't think of myself as better than others
26. Don't use social media as a place to get out frustration
27. Send thank you notes
28. Think before I speak
29. Put the needs of my family ahead of my own
30. Candid photos are sometimes better than posed
31. Family doesn't have to be blood relation
32. Be silly with kids, they love it
33. If I have nothing nice to say, be silent
34. If it's not my news, don't tell it, text it, tweet it, or type it
35. Laughter is good
36. Be content with what I have, don't be jealous of others
37. Be sensitive to the needs & feelings of others
38. Don't leave wet laundry in machine more than a day
39. Give hugs
40. Patience is a virtue
41. Don't worry about tomorrow, God is already there
42. Be Thankful
43. Don't be surprised with answered prayer
44. Trust God's will for my life, wholeheartedly
45. Accept a compliment or gift with gratitude
46. Reading a book to a child is more important than dishes
47. Go outside, breathe in God's creation
48. Don't sweat the small stuff, it will steal my joy
49. Prioritize family over obligations
50. Accept help when needed or offered
51. No prayer is too small, or too big for God to handle. 
52. Be who God created me to be. There’s nobody me-er than me. 

Thank you for subscribing via email and/or visiting my blog. I appreciate each and every one of you.  I'll leave you with this verse which means so much to me.
Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.  Psalm 143:8


  1. Happy birthday, an excellent. List.
    I hope God blesses you this coming year!

  2. Happy Birthday,Abby! Great list, we all can gleam from it.

  3. Happy Birthday Abby!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day today!
    Love your list!!

  4. Happiest of BDays, my dear Friend. It is always a pleasure to re-read this expanding list - it affirms and encourages. sth

  5. Happy Birthday Abby! Your Birthday Glad List was an inspiration to me today! Hope you have the best day, surrounded by the joy of family... The best gift of all!!!

    God Bless!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Net

  6. Happy Birthday!! I pray you have a blessed day.

  7. Happy Birthday! Thanks for brightening my days.

  8. Happy, happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet friend! I thought of you this morning, dear Abby. How I pray you have a most beautiful and blessed birthday. I am so thankful the Lord made you just the way He did because you are precious! I am very glad and blessed to know you.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Much love to you!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dear lady!
    Your list is beautiful and an excellent way of expressing your hearts desire for the glory of God.
    I value your list idea and may do that very same thing for my own pleasure and growth as the Lord grants me the years He so chooses here on this earth.
    Such a beautiful way of reminding myself in those areas of my life that may need reminders.
    What a glory to God this post is.
    Enjoy all the beauty God brings your way on your special day.

    Much love~~

  10. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to YoU! Okay, before the cats start caterwauling, too...

    I love these lists and nod or laugh at so many items on them. I do not, however, have any intentions of doing a list for my advanced age, though it would have to include "Pray First!"

    May God richly bless your day...

  11. Happy Birthday! This list is such a good one for me too. I wish you all the best for your 52nd year! Blessings, Helen

  12. Happy Birthday! Your list is inspirational and thanks for sharing it! I can relate to many and would have them on my list.

  13. Wonderful list, Abby. Love it! :)
    Happy Birthday.


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