Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Biggest Blessings are Often Small

Have you ever made a vest for a Halloween costume?  Well neither had I.  When your grandson needs a vest to complete his Woody character from Toy Story, what does one do?  They come up with a little Nana ingenuity.  

A random 101 Dalmatian costume from Halloween's gone by, hanging on the thrift store rack was calling out my name the minute I walked through the door.  The thing with me and a piece of fabric or article of clothing, I can transform it in my mind into something totally repurposed and wonderful.  The tricky part is actually making the dream a reality.   

My goal was to do it first thing this morning, and about an hour later I had produced something that would pass for a Woody vest.  I had Teddy model it for you, but I think it clashes with his fur.  At any rate, I probably won't be entering any sewing competitions with it but it surpassed my grandson's expectations (and his mother).  I was delighted to hear the excitement in his little voice when he saw it for the first time and tried it on.  This was definitely the top blessing of the day and will be recorded as such in my blessings journal. 

Although, I don't consider myself aged (I'm a young nana), I like this scripture. Children's children are a crown to the aged.  Proverbs 17:6a.  Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Nana Abby,
    This is precious! Thanks for sharing your day of blessings with us.....we are blessed to call you our "NANA"!

  2. Well I didn't mean to be anonymous but am still figuring this out =)
    Bethany, Ross and the grandbabies down south!

  3. And he was even more excited when he got the vest home and tried it on with the entire costume! He can't wait to show you! Thanks for being such a great Nana!! :)

  4. Thanks girls, you brighten my day and your little ones give me a reason to keep going.

  5. How exciting! I bet he was happy with that Woody vest! Your blog looks so beautiful, Abby! Is it a deeper color, or am I just starting to feel a bit better?

    I love that Verse! I don't recall ever noticing it when I read. Proverbs 17:6.

    I was supposed to go visit my grandchildren and children this weekend. I am still too sick to go. 3 & 1/2 hours drive! Dave went alone. I am so bummed about it. We only see them every 3 or so months as it is. I am glad that you had some time with your grandchild. I bet you are a wonderful example to him. I hope you kept pictures for yourself...not to remember this vest...but to remember the joy!

    He IS Able,
    Traci S.


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