Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Victorian Trade Cards ~ Sweet Children ~ Free

Free Victorian Trade Card ~ Niagara Starch
There is something just so sweet about using children on these Victorian advertising cards, also known as "trade cards".  This one in particular is very dear to me as it pictures children singing and playing a stringed instrument.  Does anyone know what that is?  I know it's not a guitar.  In this next image, I've taken the words off for you.  

Free Victorian Graphic
I love this next Victorian Trade Card for World Soap.  The softness of the colors, the sweet sisters.  Lots of loveliness here.  These cards were very popular in their day and were most often glued in treasured scrapbooks.  I've purchased a few of these scrapbooks of the years.  I wondered as I looked through them who it was that took such care to organize and place these sweet images in their book. 

Free Victorian Trade Card ~  World Soap
The cards were usually given out for free, obviously as a form of advertising.  I've read that they would often come in the product they were advertising, and stores would have them to give out as they drew attention to the products they were selling.  The companies would be competitive as to who could have the most attractive card, as they would be more apt to have the most sales.  I've removed the words from the next graphic.

Free Victorian Graphic

My great grandfather started a general store around the turn of the century and my grandfather took it over from him.  The store had long closed up by the time I was a child.  Here's some pictures.  I have family that still lives on the property. 

My Great Grandfather's General Store

Interior of my Great Grandfather's General Store
I have a few pieces of advertising from the store, which I treasure.  I've added scripture to the soap graphic in this next image.  All of the images in this post are free to you today with the exception of the family pictures of my grandfather's store.

Free Victorian Graphic w/ Scripture added ~ Psalm 31:24
I thought that scripture fit the card as the girls seem a little timid about something, and are clinging to each other.  Don't forget to click on each of the images to make them larger.  

I'd be very appreciative if you'd say a prayer for my friend's son.  It was discovered this week that he has a mass on his brain.  He's in his late 20's, and could use all the prayer he could get.  His name is Luke.  Thank you so much.


Sheila A. said...

Wonderful post! And I am fascinated with your great grandfather's general store.

Mary said...

Loved the posts of your family pictures! You are so lucky to have them. Love the beautiful children too!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Thanks Mary, appreciate your kind words. ~ Abby