Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scripture Thursday ~ PRAYER

In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; 
in the morning I lay my requests before you 
and wait in expectation. 
Psalm 5:3

The morning is my favorite time of day. It’s peaceful, the phone isn’t ringing, there is minimal noise outside except the birds, and there are no interruptions. It’s a quiet time. A time this scripture takes meaning for me. God calls us to pray through the many references in the Bible such as….ask and ye shall receive, pray so that you will not fall into temptation, pray without ceasing, brethren pray for us, is any afflicted let him pray, the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. These are just a few of the examples.

Free Vintage Image with Scripture for your Project
I know with certainty, God hears and answers our prayers. At a particularly low point in my life God revealed that he had not forgotten me in ways that were beyond coincidence. I have countless examples but this one stands out, perhaps because it’s small but mighty. I wanted to make shredded wheat bread but didn’t have the ingredients or the money to buy them. Feeling defeated, I sat at my kitchen table and began to pray. I was interrupted by a knock at my door, it was my neighbor with a loaf of warm homemade….that’s right….shredded wheat bread. It brings tears to my eyes, just to retell this story. It’s SO powerful to me.

God ALWAYS answers our prayers, it may not be as we want Him to, but remember he is ALL knowing, He knows what is best for us. If God answers your prayer right away, be thankful; if it’s denied, be patient; if we are to wait, then wait with expectation as the scripture says.

Found among the notes of my husband’s grandmother:

P – Praise
R – Remembering
A – Asking
Y – Yielding
E – Expecting
R – Receiving

My Project Sample for Bible Verse Thursday
My sample project this week features Psalm 5:3 on a 12x12 scrapbook page. 

I am linking this project as well to SCS Divine Design Bible Verse Challenge

Thanks so much for checking in with me today, and for all your kind comments while I took my mini blog vacation.  Have a wonderful day.


Shore Girl said...

Love your story about the bread....I love remembering the little things God has done to remind me that He sees and knows all about me and my needs.
Something as simple as a friend "beeping a greeting" on their way past my house on a particularly lonely day to another friend sharing some "extra chicken" he had on hand when money was tight for us (though he knew nothing about our financial state!).
Many times this verse has been fulfilled in my life ..."And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear." Isa_65:24
What a privileged prayer is!

Jonia said...

Absolutely beautiful Abby! I love the page and I love your cute little image. Thanks so much! You are a true blessing.

Jennipher Lowery said...

Gorgeous page Abby and wonderful story you have shared today. I am hoping to find time to play along this week with the challenge. I had gotten a "new start" on my scripture album and then Mom fell so, my time is a little hectic right now.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful testimony and scrap memorial to the power of prayer, Abby! I just love the vintage feel, with the muted tones and lace. And the image you used is just inspiring! That is definitely the serene face of a praying woman. Prayer changes things, including our faces. TFS!

Sheila A. said...

Hello, Abby, I hope you are having a calm, peaceful and restful mini blog vacation. It's nice that you are still in touch with us. This is a lovely post. Thank you for the image.

marie said...

I love the P R A Y E R note from your husband's grandmother! I've written that down becasue I know it will be a wonderful reminder to have nearby. Your page is so pretty ~ what a beautiful image!

Becky said...

Beautiful PRAYER note, and beautiful card. Thank you for sharing this with us at Stampin Sisters In Christ.

Holly said...

I found your site through Miss Kathryn at Writer's Reverie and I'm so glad I did. Can I feature this post on my blog sometime? It is wonderful.
Thank you!
I am your newest follower.