Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Share with God’s people who are in need.
Practice hospitality. 
Romans 12:12-13

Thanks for all your kind comments while I took my mini blog vacation. 

It's early morning for me at this moment, and I'm thankful for the coolness this morning brings.  Our little corner of the world in Maine yesterday hit 100 degrees.  Not something we are used to at all.  Very few homes have air conditioners and if they do it's just one room.  We persevered through it.

I visited my friend Sheila this week who has THE most beautiful flower gardens.  While I relaxed at her little cottage by the sea, I watched as she clipped a snip of this and a snippet of that and transformed it into this beautiful bouquet for me.
Beautiful Bouquet from  Sheila's Garden
I received the most delightful package awhile ago from my friend Esther at Shoregirl's Creations.  I used many of the items before I photographed it because I was so taken with all the little treasures inside.  Tons of embossed butterflies, tissue paper flowers, tiny scrollwork flowers, die cut flowers, paper buttons, wallpaper with a vintage look, lace, a rubber stamp.  I was so pleased to get it.  She thoughtfully prepared it just for me with colors she knew I'd enjoy.  Thank you sweet Esther.

Goodie Package from my friend Esther
This next image which is free for you, is a piece of vintage fabric that I scanned.  The bright colors reminded me of summer.  Hope you enjoy it.

Free Background ~ Vintage Fabric  

This next free graphic comes to you from the pages of one of my antique children's books of nursery rhymes.  Here's Miss Little Bo Peep for you.  Don't forget to click on each image for a larger size. 

Free Graphic ~ Little Bo Peep
Awhile ago I was experimenting scanning flowers.  Here's a daisy for you, one of my experiments.  I edited the photo in Picasa using the focal black & white feature.  I made just the center have color.  Easy to do!  

Free Daisy ~ From Me to You
One of my most favorite things to do is to collect shells.  I usually look for the white ones, and one of the beaches I go to has a bountiful supply of them.  I have multiple glass jars filled with the shells.  Here's a close up photo I took of one of my jars.  I changed the photo to sepia-tone.  Hope you enjoy it.

Free Image for You ~ Shells in Antique Jar
My friend Judy got back from vacation yesterday and brought me the most delightful vintage postcards.  They will be shared with you at some point.  One of them has sweet little birds that is just waiting for me to transform it.  I have such thoughtful friends.  I am blessed indeed.  Thank you Judy.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.  Thank you again for all your kind comments.  I am so appreciative of each and every one.


  1. Oh Abby - the flower arrangement is beautiful!! I have a friend with a wonderful green thumb who makes me up one from her variety of flowers every so often. Nothing prettier than a bouquet of flowers from her garden!
    Especially love the shells image you shared today --- love anything to do with the sea!
    BTW- so glad you liked your little package -- it was so very fun making it up for such a sweet and special lady!

  2. What beautiful flowers. My favorites are ones cut from gardens. They seem more God-created to me.

    Esther is a sweetheart. I've been blessed by her, too.

    Can't wait to print off Little Bo Peep.

  3. Beautiful flower arrangment. I bet they smell just as lovely.
    Very nice 'goodie'package you got from your friend. Very sweet of her.
    Them sea shells......Never seen none so white.
    Thank U 4 the 'freebies'

  4. what a wonderful idea, to scan fabrics! I love it.


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