Saturday, September 3, 2011

His Ways are Always Better

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, 
neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
Isaiah 55:8

Thank you for those who prayed that I'd find my missing papers.  My prayer was answered, but not in the way I expected it to be.  I did not find the papers I was looking for but as the scripture at the top of this post states, God's thoughts are not our thoughts.  The whole situation worked itself out without my need to find the papers.  In my mind, the only way to resolve my problem was to find what I was looking for, but God had other plans.  I learned another valuable lesson that day, that I desperately need to get organized.  I shouldn't have to spend an entire day looking for important papers.  I'll let you know how that goes, it's a process undoubtedly. 

I had a delightful birthday, filled with family and friends and love.  I hope you enjoy the two free vintage images I'm sharing with you today.  I love the one of the pondering woman.  One of my birthday gifts was a book of poems by Helen Steiner Rice, one of my favorite poets.  Here's one of them:

Gold is cold and lifeless,
it cannot see or hear,
And in your times of trouble,
it is powerless to cheer.
It has no ears to listen,
no heart to understand.
It cannot bring you comfort,
or reach out a helping hand.
So when you ask God for a gift,
be thankful if He sends
Not diamonds, pearls, or riches,
but the love of real true friends.
Helen Steiner Rice

The Lord has blessed my life with my friends, and it's at times like my birthday, I'm reminded how rich a truly am.  Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a blessed long weekend.


  1. Um . . . wait a minute . . . did I miss your birthday, Abby? When was it - mine was on the 1st - worked all day! But, now I have a three day weekend to - get organized! Yep - I've been working on that little thing for years. I just get things organized - then I need to re-organize as circumstances change! Best to you with your organizing efforts - it can be challenging - but not impossible. In Him we can do all things . . .

    Thanks for the lovely vintage images today!

    Joy and Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Abby!
    It's very hard for me to get my head wrapped around the fact that it's September already.
    I'm glad that you quandry was resolved. I think we could all be better organized...I know I sure could.
    I love this pondering woman image today..her eyes are beautiful and I know just how I'm going to use her.
    The poem is so true...there is nothing like the love of friends!
    I hope you have a fun and restful long weekend....make sure you have some extra cake and ice cream!

  3. Hi Abby, these are beautiful images. Thank you for sharing. I am glad to hear you had a nice birthday. Hugs to you my friend. :o)

  4. Hi, I just found your blog today and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the poem. The words are so true, good friends are priceless. Happy Belated Birthday! I will have to drop by again to see your progress in getting organized.
    Maybe I can get some ideas, because organization is not one of my virtues. Shannon

  5. I am so glad you had a good birthday, Abby. We took a couple of days and stayed in a cabin with a beautiful view of a river gorge. It was so peaceful. I know what you mean about getting organized. I do need to get serious about doing that myself.

  6. When one is willing to bend to "God's ways" life becomes much easier. We often can't see the "good" of His plan but it's good that this time you can. I love getting organized -- it's the staying that way I struggle with.

    Happy belated birthday!

  7. Oh no! I missed your birthday. So sorry. Happy Belated Birthday Dear Friend.

  8. How often God has answered my prayers in a way different than I had prayed for. Your post title is exactly right -- and when we learn to trust Him with all our hearts we learn peace in the midst of the storm.

  9. BTW- thank you for the sweet bouquet of flowers shared here --- it's so very pretty!


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