Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's not a common occurrence to have scenes from a movie shot around your home.  That's just what happened yesterday.  Scenes from Anatomy of The Tide were shot all day across the street at the landscaping business and in our church parking lot.  The crew rolled in early in the morning and began setting up.  My neighbor Jody was kind enough to offer us prime seating.  You can click on any of the pictures for a larger view.

Jody and her friend Janice enjoy some fresh coffee while they take in the action.  

My daughter and her boys came over to watch.  Jody kept them happy with tootsie pops.  

The lead character works for a landscaping business. My neighbors who own a landscaping business provided the perfect opportunity for some of the scenes in this coastal movie.  I never realized how much preparation and time is involved to do just one scene. 

Character Trent Page (with bike) played by Daniel Flaherty


The star of the movie is 16 year old Gabriel Basso.

Character Kyle Waterman played by Gabriel Basso
Gabriel might have been the star of the movie, however this little guy proved to be the star of the day on the set.  Getting more attention than anyone there. 

You can see the makeup artist taking a break with her new friend.  

Jody cooked up a little lunch in her coffee hut.  The aroma of her good cooking proved too tempting for some as they wandered over away from their designated catering area in hopes of something more delectable. 

More filming.  There were some seriously sized screens on this set.  

The final scene of the day was shot in our church parking lot with the pickup on a flatbed, while scenes inside the truck were shot.  

All in all, it was an exciting day for our little town, and I'm happy to have been a part of it.  I'm looking forward to seeing the movie upon completion.  Thanks Jody for the front row seating, coffee and bagels.  


  1. Pretty neat! That must've been a lot of fun. Your grandchildren are adorable :)

  2. Awesome!
    Very exciting and joyful day it really must have been.
    Thank U 4 sharing your wonderful photos with us.

  3. Yes, so often people think what they see on the screen or on the stage is easy and the process quick. Acting and drama is a labor of details and do-overs - hurry up and wait - precision and polish. Not for the faint of heart, are the arts.

    Thanks for sharing your exciting day of filming. What is the movie about?


  4. How fun...Looks like there's more involved than I thought, too.

  5. Olá, que maravilha de blog,amei as fotos,muuuiito bomm,very well.Fica com Deus,abraços...Lili.


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