Monday, October 15, 2012

Free Scripture Graphic ~ God Has Plans for You

The timing of your life is unique.
You are a woman handmade by God
to fulfill wonderful plans of His.
~ Anne Ortlund ~

Digital Photo and Grapic I made for you ~ free for personal use or sharing
Click for larger image ~ right click and save to your computer

 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11  (NIV)

Just think..... of all the millions of people on this earth, you are unique and like none other.  God made you that way, and He does not make mistakes.  He has specific plans for your life, you need only to ask Him to show you what it is, and ask Him to help you follow His plan.  

He's the only one that knows the future and sees the whole plan laid out ahead.  How better to leave our day to day plans in the one who knows our future, than to try to get through it on our own strength.  

I hope you enjoy the graphic I made for you to help you remember this promise.  

Have a wonderful day my friends.


LadyD Piano said...

So lovely, thank you! I have always loved that scripture and like Anne Ortlund. The bleeding heart is perfect.

Ashley said...

Thanks! I really needed to be reminded of this today!

TLady said...

Your post today IS EXACTLY what a Guest Missionary at church preached yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't God GOOD!!!!?!!!!!!!!!
LOVE your image!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Britt said...

Wonderful post!! So true, thanks for this!!

Bernadette Bliss said...

Thanks Abbey for the wonderful reminder and the graphic. May your week be blessed. Bernadette

Anne said...

Thank you Abby! This is such an encouragement and very beautiful!

Shoregirl said...

So very true -- our future is safest when left in HIS hands! Beautiful freebie, Abby -- thank you!

Holly said...

Hi Abby~
I just had to tell you...I don't often make it through all of my emails but made a point of doing more of that today and opened up to this wonderful, wonderful post! It touched me so much. Thank you for being His vessel to me!! Can I share this post with credit back to you sometime soon? It is so wonderful!!
Many blessings!

Vee said...

This was so appreciated when I first read it and it's wonderful all over again today. Sometimes we can get into a rut and forget that we have any significance feeling more like a piece of lint blowing on the breeze. I'm feeling like lint this week. ☺

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

So beautiful, Abby!

Karen Letchworth said...

I sure do miss chatting with you! Well, aren't those lady slippers? I think they are...the ones my dear Mama loves SO much. So very sweet, and you always know just how to stir and encourage my heart in the Lord. Thanks for being such a dear friend and faithful blessing to us at Word Art Wednesday. May God bless your days, make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you.
Karen L
Word Art Wednesday

Jo Ann said...

What a wonderful graphic and sure love what you shared about each one's uniqueness. Each one of us was given a purpose and only by being plugged in to our Creator can we fulfill that purpose...Thanks for blessing us with your artwork at Word Art Wednesday and hope to see you in our Challenges every week. Praying for blessings in your life.


Carole Robb Bisson said...

Bleeding Heart, one of my absolute no scented flowers. In the Spring I cut some cedar and a stem of the Bleeding Heart and it is usually my first floral arrangement in Spring. Your blog blesses me, Blessings to you, Carole