Friday, September 20, 2013

It's Hydrangea Time

The world is full of noise.
Might we not set ourselves to learn silence,
stillness, solitude? 

Elisabeth Elliot

Tis the season for Hydrangeas.  I love their beauty ~  each stem bursting forth with blossom after blossom.  The image above is a vintage postcard from my collection.  I thought you'd enjoy it.

The photo below, is one I took yesterday.  You can't even count the blossoms they are innumerable. 

I enjoy the various shades of colors - blue, white, purple, lavender, pink, green, cranberry. 

Even the hydrangea leaves are lovely.  The green is so vivid, the leaves much larger than most flowers, and just look at the intricate pattern God has given them. 

I dry hydrangeas so I can enjoy them all year.   There is a proper time to cut them for the drying process, and a proper way to dry them.   I have been doing it wrong all this time.  I'm excited to try the new method I found with the ones I cut yesterday.  Will let you know how that works out for me.  You can find a great tutorial **here**.

I hope you have a delightful weekend.  Take some time to enjoy God's beauty in creation.

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  1. You must let us know if it works...I would have thought an entirely different way, but then I have no hydrangeas. I am very tempted to request some from someone who does, but I feel that that would be too forward. God certainly is an extravagant Creator.

  2. Beautiful, Abby. Just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing these lovely photos. I too love hydrangeas but we have none. One of these years I am going to plant some.

    So good to see you back to blogging. I so enjoy your thoughtful and lovely posts!

    God bless,
    Mrs. T

  3. Lovely hydrangeas. I picked some to dry just yesterday. I'll have to see if I've been doing it the "right" way by checking out your link.

  4. Oh Abby these are beautiful photos - my hydrangeas are just sticks with some green starting to show, and what a glorious, bright green they are!!

  5. So Lovely...I love hydrangea too ...thanks too for the link to drying them. I found you through Megan at Lilac and Lavender...blessings.

  6. You must have the magic touch. I have never been able to grow these. I enjoyed seeing yours tho.

  7. .... good to print this off for reference! Sometimes I've hit it right and sometimes not, but it makes perfectly good sense. I appreciate you! h, STH Spruce Head

  8. Blessings on this ordinary day...looking forward to the freshness..the crisp cool air as it stirs the falling leaves and my heart for cozy peaceful days ahead!I love these flowers

  9. Thanks for sharing. I especially enjoyed the vintage postcard.

  10. I'm loving that vintage postcard!!!! Our hydrangeas have been gone for awhile here in Kansas. Yours are beautiful.


  11. Such Beautiful colors I haven't seen Hydrangeas those colors before, how neat to dry them I have dried some flowers just by putting them in a phone book, great to be able to enjoy them for longer than just a season!

  12. How beautiful! We don't have Hydrangeas here in Florida, but God has supplied me with many other beautiful flowers to enjoy. :) Once in awhile when we visit NC we get to see hydrangeas in person. The many different colors fascinate me, because I've read that the color variations come from amount of acid in the soil.

    I'm usually very quiet on here, Abby, but wanted you to know that I'm really enjoying having you back blogging. You really bless me.

  13. Your photos and the postcard are beauties, and I planted a hydrangea yesterday, so now I will have one!

  14. So pretty, Abby! I don't know much about Hydrangea's so thank you for sharing a link about them...I am headed off to read more about these beautiful flowers :) Have a blessed week, friend!

    Hugs to you!

  15. Beautiful pics of some my very favorite flowers!


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