Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flowers by the Sea

I believe in God,
like I believe in the sun.
Not because I can see it,
but because of it,
all things are seen.

~ C.S. Lewis ~

All things were made through Him,
and without Him
nothing was made that was made.

John 1:3

I took this photo a couple of summers ago, on a warm evening at sunset.  The pink flowers make a lovely foreground with the ocean as their backdrop.  Notice the colors the sunset casts against the flowers.  Simple beauty from a magnificent creator. 


Shoregirl said...

Beautiful picture Abby! I love seeing the sunset reflected in the trees beside my house. Love that quote by C.S. Lewis!

Mrs.T said...

How beautiful, Abby! A real encouragement on this snowy day. Thanks for sharing!

ntexas99 said...


Vee said...

Oh that is a beautiful photograph!

TLady said...


Sylvia said...

Very pretty,Abby. I love to see the sun shine thru the trees in my yard.

Maxine D said...

Wonderful photograph Abby - the colours of the sunset are beautiful behind the flowers.

Stephanie said...

That is one of my favorite quotes by C.S. Lewis and you paired it with a stunning image :) Thank you for sharing beautiful words and photos with us - you are a blessing!

Love you!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Beautiful, inspiring quotes. TY

Anne Payne said...

Gorgeous picture, Abby! The evening light adds a nice touch to the photo. It's one of my favorite times of day to take pictures.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

What a beautiful photo. I like the way the sun lightens up some petals and leaves others in the shadows. I like contrast.

I do like that quote you share of C.S. Lewis's.

Kiwi said...

Hi Abby,I've just subscribed to follow your blog after seeing it on Papercraft memories.That is a gorgeous picture! Ann