Friday, August 22, 2014

The Abigail is Seaworthy

I live in a small fishing village on the coast of Maine.  One of the many hats my husband wears, is that of a lobster fisherman.   His lobster boat "The Abigail" is stored in a prominent place at our home for all who drive by to see. The detriment to that is the barrage of questions from townsfolk . . when is the boat going in? the boat in yet?  Are you not fishing this year?  

You see . . not much happens around here, and we're all kind of laid back (some more than others).  So a lobsterman's boat which gets launched late in the season, is a topic of conversation.  

Today was the big day.  I surprised my husband by being at the dock to wait the arrival of the big truck and trailer hauling his boat.  

backing down the boat ramp

For as many people that have discussed the boat being in or out of the water, you would think there would have been a big crowd.  Ironically, it was just me, Bill (hubby) a few seagulls, and the guy driving the truck. Of course we didn't make a big announcement that it was going in.  If we had... well, I'm sure it would have been standing room only.  

Getting closer to the water
Bill jumped out of the truck to climb aboard the boat

He's had this boat for a long time.  When he first got it, he didn't tell me it would be named after me.  He proudly showed me the lettering on the stern. My first thought was the letters were so big no one would need binoculars to read the name.  I felt the only thing missing were the neon lights around it.

My daughter,  (a teenager at the time) sensed my embarrassment and said to Bill with firmness . . "If you were going to name a boat after someone, you should have named it after someone who would appreciate it."  Evidently that was her.  I've gotten accustomed to the name and big letters over the years.  

I know this look, he's saying with his eyes - -
I know it's seaworthy, I'm sure there's not a problem, please pray 

Splash!  See the hand waving . . that's the signal all is well

Still waving, all is well!  The Abigail is seaworthy!  

As I was waiting for Bill to arrive at the dock, I enjoyed the quietness of the morning watching the rippling of the water, and the various birds.  I thought of our state slogan "Maine, the way life should be"..  I looked down at the skiffs tied to the dock and saw "Mike" painted across one of them (far right). I liked the simplicity of it.   

Bill's just a regular guy who grew up in this little community from birth and was raised by his grandparents. He has a typical Maine accent (I don't as I lived in Connecticut till I was 7).  On Sundays he hangs up his oilskins for a suit and tie, as he's the pastor of the church in the center of town.  

Not my typical blog post, but I thought you'd enjoy reading a little bit about my supporter behind "Little Birdie Blessings".  A man who helped me be the woman I am today. 

Those who go down to the sea in ships,
Who do business on great waters;
They have seen the works of the Lord,
And His wonders in the deep.
Psalm 107:23-24


  1. Oh we both enjoyed it and laughed and hooted throughout. I'm so glad that you had those formative years in Connecticut and therefore don't have a Maine accent! ROFL! You should do a few more of this style post. It was fabulous! I hope that Bill brought home a lobster or two!

  2. I am fascinated by this glimpse into your way of life, so different from the sights and sounds around my Kansas farm--although I have to say, your church looks almost exactly how I pictured Karola Community Church in my novel. I love that your husband named his boat after you!

  3. Wonderful post! And I am so glad to see you here, precious Abby! I have to agree, your way of life seems so different, and appealing to boot! Love everything about this post (it made me giggle), and happy birthday to Bill!!

  4. Love this post, Abby! So nice to have a little peek into your way of life. It makes me want to visit Maine - never been there. It looks so picturesque! Happy Birthday to your Bill!

  5. Dear Abby,

    I have enjoyed your blog for a long time, but this particular post is one of the most charming. I have taken the liberty of making you my guest on Sunday, August 24th with a link to this post.

    In this time when the national and international news is so hard to bear, a delightful story such as yours is a balm to the spirit.

  6. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing part of your life with us!
    Abby, you are always a blessing. Thank you so much for being a real friend. May God bless you and Bill too. Have a great weekend!

  7. ah very interesting fascinating post Abby. I live in seaside town and must admit our harbour and marina is much bigger than yours but found it so fascinating.. you can see our harbour on this post here, several shots if you are interested:
    Many Happy Returns of the day Pastor Bill, and God's blessing on your both always! from downunder,
    Shaz in Oz.x

  8. What a wonderful verse to wrap it all up! I really enjoyed this post Abbie and think it sweet he named the boat after you :)

  9. Hello Abby,

    Today's post was extra sweet and uplifting and I agree with Vee that you should do a few more of this style post. It was fabulous!

    I lived in NH for 20 years and visited the Maine seashore many times ... so it was lovely visiting again through the photos you posted.

    What a blessing you and Bill must be to your family and community .... happy birthday, Bill and may the Lord richly bless you both!

  10. NOW will you send me some lobsters? Well, will ya?

  11. I agree with Vee, your post was wonderful :)

    I truly enjoyed this post and the history and I think it's so sweet that your husband named his boat after you - too precious!

    Please wish your husband a Happy Birthday! I hope he has a blessed and special day!

    Hugs to you, my friend!

  12. I sure enjoyed learning more about you and your hubby! I would love to visit Maine and enjoy a lobster or 2!!! It's so cool that he is a lobsterman and a pastor!
    Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  13. Thank you for sharing a little of your life and your world - I really enjoyed this post Abby.

  14. Well, I just loved this and I loved the tribute of how your husband helped you be the woman you are.

    I am a part time Mainer who is missing it horribly. Vee sent me the link to this so that I could feel a bit better. And, it did make me feel so much better.

    Thank you for this posting and the great Maine photos.


  15. Abby, how neat to see this side of your life! I love 'Abigail' - she is indeed lovely and seaworthy! Bill is a blessed man.
    I have always loved the verse 'Those who go down to the sea in ships...' It is encouraging and so beautiful; it calls and appeals to the wanderer in me. Thank you :) Have a blessed week!

  16. What a lovely part of the world you live in - thanks so much for sharing

  17. Sheila Thomas HillAugust 24, 2014 at 8:15 PM

    FABULOUS! DELIGHTFUL! A great tribute to you, to Bill and to God. I love you and I love Bill, our pastor. Thank you, Father, for your provision.... hugs, sth

  18. I miss fresh Maine lobster! I once lived near the Atlantic shore in Brooklyn, NY, and a local place would sail up to Maine once a week and bring back live lobsters to sell. Now I live in land locked Colorado and yearn for fresh seafood--sigh! I do love the people and scenery here, so I guess it was a good trade all in all. Lovely to meet you--I'll be back to read more of your blog!

  19. I came her via Vee and have enjoyed reading about your life in Maine. It seems like another world to me but so charming and I think I would love it. I guess that is one thing so interesting about our country--each area has it's personality. Happy birthday to your hubby!

  20. Happy Birthday Bill! I hope you had a wonderful day! (I'm visiting from Vee's too and thoroughly enjoyed this post) Hugs, Diane

  21. Hi. I came over at Vee's suggestion and really enjoyed reading about your Bill and his lobster boat named for you. You must live in a very pretty seaport. I love the coast of Maine and I live in your neighbouring province of New Brunswick. Have a blessed week. Pam

  22. I've come by way of Vee too! Happy birthday to your husband and how special to be the one to dedicate your grandchild on his own birthday.

    Blessings on you and your husband for serving the Lord in this way, pastoring, leading a flock for Him.

    How sweet that the boat is named after you!


  23. I'm also visiting from Vee's and so glad I stopped by. I spent a few summers in Maine when I was a child. I have great memories of it. Happy birthday to your husband!

  24. Abby, I too loved this post. So fascinating to get a glimpse into your everyday life, and to hear the story of the Abigail. I think the name looks beautiful; tastefully lettered and not too large at all. Thanks for sharing the story and beautiful pictures.

  25. Your hubby is a pastor AND a lobster man, that is two such great vocations. And to have the boat named after you is such a tribute!

  26. Happy birthday to Bill. I lived in Connecticut until I was eighteen and then went away to school in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I've lived in New York since 1975, but a piece of my heart is still and always in New England.


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