Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Corner of Maine

I live in a little fishing village on the coast of Maine. Life moves at a pretty slow pace and we like it that way. Most people have more than one occupation. My husband for example is a preacher and a lobsterman, true story. There are other things he does, but I don't want to overwhelm you. We have on occasion traded lobsters for fresh veggies from a neighbors garden.

My husband's accent is as native to Maine as it can get. I don't have an accent as I was born in Connecticut and lived there until I was six years old.  

The big news this week is the "Abigail" has been launched for the season. If you're curious about the "Abigail" you can see what happened last year here: The Abigail is Seaworthy

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction in our hometown, like the time I was driving home on a rural road I've traveled thousands of times over the years. I saw an object in the road, I knew wasn't an animal. There was no time to react. I hit it and was forced to pull over while this unknown object dragged and grated on the tarred road.

I got out of the car and discovered a metal colander. Yes . . you know the kind you drain pasta in. I couldn't move it, it was truly fetched up under my car. I called my husband (thankful for cell phones), and I asked him to come help and bring something long. He arrived in his pickup and pulled an oar out of the back (the kind you use to row a boat).  It was touch and go but he was able to unfetch it.

When I got home, I did what any responsible woman would do - I posted it on facebook with a picture of the colander to see if anyone knew who it might belong to. Here's what I wrote: 

Found: If anyone lost a metal colander in the Wiley's Corner area today, I have it. I didn't intend to stop for it, but when it fetched up on my muffler, I was forced to pull over. Kim, it was right near your house, perhaps it's yours. I called MacGyver Bill, and he came with an oar and got it unfetched.

You can imagine the fun my friends had with this story. I kept it for a few days, and even though some of my friends claimed they wanted it, no one came for it. I have a picture of it, but will warn you, it's not for the weak.

This weekend my little town has an annual celebration with lots of festivities planned. My mother is looking forward to the events as her home is in the center of town and she has a front row seat to everything. Here's a photo below of a previous parade. My mother's house is on the right in the photo.

I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into my world. Not my typical blog post but I've enjoyed sharing this. Have a blessed day.

A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones.
Proverbs 17:22


  1. *Snort* =D

    Yes, I did laugh out loud. First time when Bill retrieved it with an oar and the second upon seeing your poor victim. Fun, fun post. Yes, John chuckled, too.

  2. Wait! I also laughed when you said you had no accent because you were born in Connecticut. Hahahahaha...

  3. Yes, Vee it is true. I pronounce my R's, ER's and ING's. I was an adult before I realized a CORD of wood wasn't spelled COD.

  4. Oh I have no accent either - it is always the others who are accented.
    Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your life and home, it is so appreciated.

  5. I did smile as I read your post, Abby!
    I live in the south and I don't have an accent either!:)

  6. This was such a fun post, Abby! I loved this glimpse into your everyday life. Of course, as a New Englander I have no accent either. (And I really don't, compared to many people I know! But nonetheless, I'm aware that it's there to some extent.)

    I'm reminded of friends of ours who, some years ago now, went to Boston for medical treatment for the husband, who happens to have a very strong New England accent. The receptionist asked the wife, "What country is your husband from?" Nowadays a question like that probably wouldn't be acceptable... but it sure was humorous.

  7. Abby, thank you for letting us into your world and into your fun. Your life sounds so inviting, especially when you live near a big city like I do. Simple, quiet, Maine. . . it sounds so wonderful.

    My husband is from Massachusetts and I can always tell when he's talking with his family on the phone because he reverts back to his original accent. I didn't realize that accents in New England could vary so widely until we were on our honeymoon cruise and another couple from Massachusetts joined us for a meal. My husband and the two of them were chatting away and I was having trouble understanding what any of them were saying. I thought they were from another country until they mentioned they were from Massachusetts. Haha! I bet if "y'all" came down here you would feel the same way about me and my southern drawl.

  8. Abby ... it was such fun visiting your little seaside village via today's post! My hubby is from RI and, although he hasn't lived there in many years, his accent is as strong as ever. We live in Virginia now and he's often teased about his strong accent. He always tells everyone that he'll soon have them talking just like him. LOL

  9. Fun post! Couldn't help but get a kick out of your collendar encounter.

  10. I also chuckled over the no accent comment--wish you could hear my midwestern twang; I'll bet each of us would think the other had an accent! Loved this glimpse into your life--many similarities to my little western town, except that our "oceans" are made of wheat, and we catch catfish rather than lobster. Wonderful post.

  11. It was a fun post! Sounds like a sweet place to live!

  12. A first visit to your blog. Sweet fun. We haven't lived in the NE corner of the country yet; Maine has always been on our list of places to live.

    I'm an Idahoan by birth, but I'm pretty sure that I've southern DNA -- after living in TX for two years (more than two decades ago) I can still slip into a twang without thinking. :O)

  13. Abby...I shall sleep with a smile on my face after reading this post. That colander sure took a beating. And thank God you're married to MacGuyver, I mean Bill. ;-) Glad to read more about your neck of the woods. Blessings to you my sweet friend.

  14. I grew up in a small town in Michigan, although over the years it has grown quite a bit I still think of it as my small town, I always hoped to move back once my hubby retired from the Air force but we still live her in Illinois, maybe one day when he fully retires :) Really enjoyed your post, have a great weekend!

  15. I enjoyed very much. I do hope you share more posts like this with us Abby. Blessings ♡

  16. Loved this post! I have always wanted to go to Maine, your town makes me want to go more!

  17. WHat a fun post! And so nice to get a glimpse into your world. Thanks for the smile today.


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