Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Poem - Life's Trials

A poem by Helen Steiner Rice
There are times when life overwhelms us
And our trials seem too many to bear,
It is then we should stop to remember
God is standing ready to share
the uncertain hours that confront us
And fill us with fear and despair
For God in His goodness has promised
That the cross He gives us to wear
Will never exceed our endurance
Or be more than our strength can bear . .
And secure in that blessed assurance
We can smile as we face tomorrow
For God holds the key to the future
And no sorrow or care need we borrow.

Have a blessed day my friends.


Vee said...

Nice to find you here today, Abby! (I find smiling through trials a challenge even when I know that I know that God is going to bring me safely through. Of course, this does not shock you! 🤓)

Sylvia said...

Always enjoy reading Helen Steiner Rice.
Have a nice day, Abby.

Maxine D said...

Lovely words thank you Abby

lynn said...

thank you for the beautiful poem.....I hope life is being kind...I love your page and the love you share with us all