Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Night Before Christmas

My friend Donna, a gifted writer, has graciously given me permission to share her poetry with you, "The Night Before Christmas". Please consider reading with your family as we celebrate the reason for the season - Jesus!

by donna h. munro

Twas the night before Christmas, And out on the road
The donkey was carrying a very special load.
To pay taxes, Joseph and Mary were Bethlehem bound,
‘Neath the moon and stars and quiet night sounds.

Mary was wondering where they would stay,
For she was due to have a child – maybe today!
Joseph knocked at each Inn to find a warm room,
He knew that the baby would come very soon.

The innkeepers paused and nodded their heads.
All rooms were filled; there were no extra beds.
Then one innkeeper said, “There’s a barn out that way,
Perhaps you’ll be able to sleep in the hay.

Mary and Joseph were not sure this was the best,
But they needed to stop, they needed some rest.
They did what they could to make a warm, cozy place,
For this important babe to shine his sweet face.

And as they waited and prayed in their plight.
The stars twinkled above in the dark, chilly night.
Pondering all that had brought them this far
To have God’s son born out under the stars.

The animals must have wondered with questioning awe.
To have these folks make their beds in their straw.
They may have made room seeing the need.
And offered their manger empty of feed.

As night carried on into early morn’s dawn,
A miracle birth, God’s son would be born.
They gazed on with love at the baby’s sweet smile,
And knew God had blessed the world with this child.

They wrapped him in swaddling cloths that they had,
And kissed the fair cheeks of their new little lad.
They called him the name that the angel proclaimed,
Jesus - the Savior, God’s son was his name.

Mary cradled him long before laying him down,
In a hay-filled manger while she cooed him sweet sounds.
Animals laid by the child quietly lowing,
Bowing to the tiny king - perhaps without knowing.

Out in the fields the shepherds were keeping,
Their sheep safe from harm while they were sleeping.
When up in the sky there arose such a loud clatter,
They stood up in shock to see what was the matter!

Angels were singing of the new savior’s birth,
How God in His mercy had brought peace to the earth.
A star would lead them to see this small boy.
They left their hillside filled with wonder and joy.

The stars beamed down on a small cattle shed,
Could a king be born on a manger bed?
But the shepherds bowed the moment they saw,
The tiny babe cradled upon the soft straw.

They knew what Mary and Joseph knew, too.
This babe was sent with God’s work to do.
With reverence and honor they worshipped this king.
And knew in their hearts what love he would bring.

We, too, gaze on Jesus – the babe born this night,
And celebrate how He came to make right,
The hurts and the wrongs the world gives us now,
With loving kindness and grace, so we humbly bow.

May this Christmas give you reason to pause,
And consider this great gift of God.
Perhaps with the shepherds and wise men you’ll bring,
The gift of your life to this tiny child king.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
Please keep Christ in Christmas and follow His light.

donna h. munro, 2014


  1. What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. A beautiful poem that should be read and shared each and every season! Hugs, Brenda

  3. What a wonderful paraphrase of the poem. Thank you for sharing this ABby

  4. Thank you for your comments.


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